Finding the Write Carrot

Normally, I have to convince myself to go on a long training run or bike ride with some sort of carrot I promise myself, if I complete my goal. And by 'carrot', I mean chocolate. Or frozen yogurt with toppings. Or some other positive reinforcement that I can focus on for a few hours, while... Continue Reading →

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Is Imposter Syndrome Leading to Writer’s Block?

  So many writers end up staring at blank pages or finding themselves stuck, unable to get the ideas to flow from brain to paper. It gets diagnosed as Writer’s Block. The prescription is time away to regenerate the muse. Once back home, newly tanned from a beach, sleeves rolled up, some frustratingly find the... Continue Reading →

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Is Fear Sabotaging Your Writing Progress?

Fear. What a powerful force. It drives us and holds us back. In life. In writing. I’ve seen so many posts from writers, worried about a litany of issues keeping them from finishing their WIP and taking the next step. Fears of failure, imposter’s syndrome, fear of rejection. These worries drive some writers to long... Continue Reading →

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Plotting Drug Scenes: Lethal Writing Traps to Avoid want to kill off a character and write a scene where he grabs his neck and dies instantly after a sip from drug-laced drink! Not so fast. If you write that scene, you risk losing credibility with your readers. Some drugs are rapidly lethal in small quantities, but none are instantaneous killers. Even the... Continue Reading →

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Pontevedra, Spain- A Hidden Diamond

Last month, I got the opportunity to watch the World ITU Multipart Championships. When I heard they were in Spain, I was so excited. When I heard they were in Pontevedra, Spain, my heart sunk just a little. I had never heard of Pontevedra. It looked isolated on the map. It would take us 4... Continue Reading →

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Never Give Up On Writing- You Are Good Enough!

I just got back from cheering folks on at the ITU World Multisport Championships in Spain. I continue to be amazed at my misconceptions of the triathlete world. When I train, I struggle against injury, motivational challenges, and work-athlete-life balance. And I always feel alone, exposed in my false pretense of belonging to the world... Continue Reading →

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Writers’ Overuse Syndrome-How to Avoid Burnout

After my long bike ride or run, I stretch out and head for my Normatec compression boots, kick back with a beverage (yeah, sometimes a  Kiltlifter), a plate of nachos, and let the boots massage out the aches and pains from pounding the pavement or cranking the pedals. It's a planned, forced rest.  Strapped into... Continue Reading →

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When a FB Group Is Not a Good Fit

As writers, we need connections on social media to find critique partners and places to share writing knowledge. But sometimes those connections are not helping advance creative needs. I think we've all been there- finding a closed FB group, whose focus is an genre or writing focus of interest. But the posts content is for... Continue Reading →

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What is Your Next Writing Race?

Somewhere between mile 5 and 6 on my run this week, when my headphones switched from the flute trills of McCarney and Wing's Live and Let Die to the raucous sound of Immigrant Song (Zeppelin), I was hit with both a rush of endorphins and a revelation about writing. Or maybe it was the beginnings... Continue Reading →

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Car-Proofing Your Run- What?!

In the last week, I have nearly been hit by a car twice on my runs.  YES- I did say runs. Or in my case my preferred walk/jog (Wog- see here for more).  Until recently, I thought cycling was the most dangerous leg of triathlon, based on the number of near car collisions I had... Continue Reading →

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Negative Self Talk:We ALL Have a Choice

For those of you wondering, I did that swim. 750 yards of open water swim in a town lake that was murker than not. My clothes came home so brown I had to soak and wash them. Twice. But I finished. And on the spur of the moment, idiocy overtook common sense and I signed up for a sprint triathlon for last weekend. I finished that this past Sunday (with no training, so I only have myself to blame for the searing soreness of all my limbs). But I think now I can start thinking ahead. I may just do Ironman in 2020. I may just finish my WIP in 2020. AND publish it. I just may…have a more open mind. How about you?

On We Merrily Stumble

Well, that’s it. I’ve spent several months in complacency, whining about various body ailments, messing up on my diet (since I said that out loud, I really hope my trainer doesn’t follow my blog!), and generally letting myself go. I haven’t run since April. No open water swims for over a year. My last race was in February…and it kinda killed my spirit.

And I’m kinda done with myself.

It’s time to stop.

I was forcing myself through a few pool laps today, complete with my embarassing little tube of mini M&M’s wrapped in a freezer pack laying on a towel on deck (because it fricken still hit 110 degrees today and I NEED incentive to go back …and forth…and back…and forth in the pool), when my brain kept going down the list of WHY I should give up. EVERY single injury, from my bike accident in late 2017 just…

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