Missions in Mexico-

My kids are in their early 20's. Since they were toddlers, our family has been involved in mission trips to Mexico to build homes for the poor. It has changed our lives. Our first few trips to Mexico were exciting. Our toddler and infant in tow, we followed the Church caravan, having no clue what... Continue Reading →

RSV- How is it different than the Flu?

If your like many folks, the big focus in winter respiratory illness is the flu and you haven't heard of RSV.  Or recently, ,you've started to hear about some folks coming down with RSV or being hospitalized from it. Flu is a really big hitter, especially this year, and gets the media coverage because it's... Continue Reading →

Staying Warm and Toasty With Winter Beers

(Our guest blogger today is Russ Seideman, a home brewer, nationally ranked beer judge, and previous owner of a local brewery in Phoenix, Arizona. And, yeah, he makes great beer!).    Beers described as “winter beers” can come from a variety of historical and cultural origins, but usually share some common traits. First-they are 'big',... Continue Reading →

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