Getting a Wetsuit For Your Triathlon? Expensive Lessons Learned

I recently learned a very expensive lesson: buying a wetsuit manufactured outside of your own country can cost you a lot in the end.  My wetsuit, which I scrimped and saved for to buy prior to IMAZ 2017, I thought was covered with a manufacture warranty. Coupled with the (up to then) great customer service... Continue Reading →

Triathlon Training Tip: Affordable Recovery Tools to Avoid Injury

This last weekend, I spent Saturday on the bike for 40 miles doing basically hill after hill...after hill. Sunday, I went out for a run (Well, actually, a wog- click here for info on that!) on those same hills, for another ~12 miles. I also spent almost an hour in my Normatec compression boots on... Continue Reading →

Spice, K2- Cases of Severe Bleeding and Death

Spice (K2, or Fake Marijuana) is the center of focus again, with 2 people dead in the Chicago area, and another 56 suffering from severe bleeding after using Spice. What is 'Spice'?   This is a synthetic marijuana that can mimic the 'high' from marijuana. It can be sprinkled into other smoke-ables (such as cigarettes) or... Continue Reading →

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