Paso Robles Winery Reviews (Continued): Sextant Wines

We entered Sextant through huge wooden double doors into a lovely long oval bar, where we were greeted by servers and a copy of the wine tasting menu. The atmosphere was relaxing, with wood carved waves on the ceiling enhanced by blue optic lights creating an illusion of flowing water overhead. We stood at the... Continue Reading →

Herman Story Wines- Our #1.5 Pick for Wine Tasting in Paso Robles

Why #1.5? I loved our visit to Herman Story Wines. It was a close tie for first (see here). And I just couldn't give it second! Read why below. Don't let the small room, cement flooring, and unpretentious attitude fool you. The wines at Herman Story Wines, named after the grandfather of winemaker¬†and¬†proprietor Russell P.... Continue Reading →

Synthetic Pot- More Deaths From Contaminants

Recently, I posted (here) about bleeding deaths from synthetic cannabinoids, better knowns a Spice, or K2. Now, more than 220 people have been reported as having serious bleeding from a contaminant, Brodifacoum, in the synthetic cannabinoid. What is Brodifacoum? Basically a rat poison that causes hemorrhage and death. What is Spice? How bad is the... Continue Reading →

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