Writing Believable Drug Scenes

Looking to write a scene involving drugs, but not sure how to come across as believable? Important details, like the historical time period of your scene, the kind of drug, how to create pager turners from symptoms, and the actual (non-Hollywood) emergency treatment facts are important to consider. Here are some links to my guest... Continue Reading →

Synthetic Pot- More Deaths From Contaminants

Recently, I posted (here) about bleeding deaths from synthetic cannabinoids, better knowns a Spice, or K2. Now, more than 220 people have been reported as having serious bleeding from a contaminant, Brodifacoum, in the synthetic cannabinoid. What is Brodifacoum? Basically a rat poison that causes hemorrhage and death. What is Spice? How bad is the... Continue Reading →

Spice, K2- Cases of Severe Bleeding and Death

Spice (K2, or Fake Marijuana) is the center of focus again, with 2 people dead in the Chicago area, and another 56 suffering from severe bleeding after using Spice. What is 'Spice'?   This is a synthetic marijuana that can mimic the 'high' from marijuana. It can be sprinkled into other smoke-ables (such as cigarettes) or... Continue Reading →

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