Is it the flu or a cold? And why to NOT give aspirin to kids/teens with the flu

Classic flu symptoms will effect up to 50% of people infected with the flu. Symptoms can generally last 2-3 days. They will rarely last longer than 5-7 days. The main symptoms include: Temperature (~101-102 deg. F) this usually comes on very suddenly (like within an hour or two you suddenly realize you have a temperature),... Continue Reading →

Hungover, But Want To Go Train Today For That Upcoming Race? Here Are Some Smart Tips To Help you Out!

Planning a workout today after laying on a little heavy last night for New Year's Eve? Here are a few things to consider before you try to hit a PR on the bike or run today. Your body will be at subpar performance- Basically- don't shoot for a PR. If anything, stay home, hydrate, and... Continue Reading →

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