You’re Not Alone! Writers Blogshare About Writing Fears, Insecurities, and Taking Risks!

What fears and insecurities hamper for you as a writer? What makes you wonder if your words are good enough, the character arcs compelling enough, the scene enticing enough to be a page turner? Do these worries paralyze your creativity, leaving the pen dry and the paper empty? Or do they keep you from hitting... Continue Reading →

Writing Believable Drug Scenes

Looking to write a scene involving drugs, but not sure how to come across as believable? Important details, like the historical time period of your scene, the kind of drug, how to create pager turners from symptoms, and the actual (non-Hollywood) emergency treatment facts are important to consider. Here are some links to my guest... Continue Reading →

Finding the Write Carrot

Normally, I have to convince myself to go on a long training run or bike ride with some sort of carrot I promise myself, if I complete my goal. And by 'carrot', I mean chocolate. Or frozen yogurt with toppings. Or some other positive reinforcement that I can focus on for a few hours, while... Continue Reading →

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