Pontevedra, Spain- A Hidden Diamond

Last month, I got the opportunity to watch the World ITU Multipart Championships. When I heard they were in Spain, I was so excited. When I heard they were in Pontevedra, Spain, my heart sunk just a little. I had never heard of Pontevedra. It looked isolated on the map. It would take us 4... Continue Reading →

Paso Robles Winery Reviews (Continued): Sextant Wines

We entered Sextant through huge wooden double doors into a lovely long oval bar, where we were greeted by servers and a copy of the wine tasting menu. The atmosphere was relaxing, with wood carved waves on the ceiling enhanced by blue optic lights creating an illusion of flowing water overhead. We stood at the... Continue Reading →

Missions in Mexico-

My kids are in their early 20's. Since they were toddlers, our family has been involved in mission trips to Mexico to build homes for the poor. It has changed our lives. Our first few trips to Mexico were exciting. Our toddler and infant in tow, we followed the Church caravan, having no clue what... Continue Reading →

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