The Best Instructional On Being A Writer…Isn’t About Writing

One of the best books I’ve ever read on writing... wasn’t a book on writing.Sure, I’ve studied most of the required tomes, such as Save the Cat Writes a Novel, Story Genius, and Take Off Your Pants! I learned the requisite information to write a novel: the importance of plot points, character arcs, internal/ external... Continue Reading →

Is Fear Sabotaging Your Writing Progress?

Fear. What a powerful force. It drives us and holds us back. In life. In writing. I’ve seen so many posts from writers, worried about a litany of issues keeping them from finishing their WIP and taking the next step. Fears of failure, imposter’s syndrome, fear of rejection. These worries drive some writers to long... Continue Reading →

Negative Self Talk:We ALL Have a Choice

For those of you wondering, I did that swim. 750 yards of open water swim in a town lake that was murker than not. My clothes came home so brown I had to soak and wash them. Twice. But I finished. And on the spur of the moment, idiocy overtook common sense and I signed up for a sprint triathlon for last weekend. I finished that this past Sunday (with no training, so I only have myself to blame for the searing soreness of all my limbs). But I think now I can start thinking ahead. I may just do Ironman in 2020. I may just finish my WIP in 2020. AND publish it. I just may…have a more open mind. How about you?

On We Merrily Stumble

Well, that’s it. I’ve spent several months in complacency, whining about various body ailments, messing up on my diet (since I said that out loud, I really hope my trainer doesn’t follow my blog!), and generally letting myself go. I haven’t run since April. No open water swims for over a year. My last race was in February…and it kinda killed my spirit.

And I’m kinda done with myself.

It’s time to stop.

I was forcing myself through a few pool laps today, complete with my embarassing little tube of mini M&M’s wrapped in a freezer pack laying on a towel on deck (because it fricken still hit 110 degrees today and I NEED incentive to go back …and forth…and back…and forth in the pool), when my brain kept going down the list of WHY I should give up. EVERY single injury, from my bike accident in late 2017 just…

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