Baby Kay’s-Très Bon Cajun Food In Phoenix

That was some awesome food. And music. In the valley, it is hard to find actual, true, real live cajun food. But Baby Kay's does it just right. From gumbo to court bouillon (Coo Be-Yawn), the flavors are deep, soulful, and the portions filling. They don't skimp on the roux or the rice, so don't... Continue Reading →

The Flu- What Should Scare the Hell Out of You

Next flu season. It should scare you. A lot. Why? Because I have heard so many people say the flu shot 'didn't work' this year, so why bother taking it next year? If larger numbers of people don't get the vaccine, depending on how nasty the flu bug is next year, larger numbers of sick... Continue Reading →

Car-Proofing Your Run- What?!

In the last week, I have nearly been hit by a car twice on my runs.  YES- I did say runs. Or in my case my preferred walk/jog (Wog- see here for more).  Until recently, I thought cycling was the most dangerous leg of triathlon, based on the number of near car collisions I had... Continue Reading →

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