Fentanyl 101 for Writers (AND parents)

Check out today's post at the Writers In The Storm blog. Arm yourself with the important facts about fentanyl- what it is, how people keep getting it, why it is so dangerous, AND how can I protect my loved ones. It's worth your time!

When ‘Go Lean’ Has Nothing To Do With Diets: What You Need To Know About ‘Drank’ or ‘Sizzurp’ To Protect Your Teens

Yet another death being possibly related to chronic drug abuse or opioid overdose is in the media, as 27 year old rapper Fredo Santana was found dead Saturday. We don't know yet for certain what happened, but his long standing abuse of prescription cough syrup has brought the famed Purple Lean (also called Drank, Sizzurp,... Continue Reading →

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