Cycling accidents and the Morel-Lavallée Lesion- don’t tough it out

If you're like me, you tough it out after a bike accident, if nothing seems broken at the time. If you're moving, your first worry is about your bike. Then you'll squirt you're water bottle over the blood draining down your leg, then climb back on the bike (assuming your helmet didn't hit). In my... Continue Reading →

Wogging Your Way To The Finish Line

What Was I Thinking? I signed up for my first Ironman ever this past year. Then had to figure out how in the world I'd get to the finish. No way would I be able to actually run during the race, between a nasty disc or two in my back, and some hip issues. But... Continue Reading →

No Repercussions!

Last night- no extra pain! Yay! It is all there- just dull. Totally looking forward to getting the physical therapist to assess it the end of this week. I managed to drop the excuses and get to the YMCA today for about 30 minutes of intervals on the elliptical. The rest of the day was... Continue Reading →

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