From Completely Broken to Complete- Join me for a year of bike accidents, emergency room visits, and the ultimate challenge of my lifetime

Each person's struggles are different. It's how we respond to them that define who we are. I hope this post helps anyone struggling with chronic sports injuries to never give up.  If you know me, then you know I’ve struggled with chronic sports injuries for well over 10 years. Maybe 15. I stopped counting. It’s... Continue Reading →

Next Stop- Physical Therapy

It's been pouring today. It’s a lot like I feel. I started the day early at work so I could take off for a bit and go get assessed at PT. Kinda dreaded it all day yesterday, because I know it means pain. This morning, I managed to compartmentalize the fear: got up, went to... Continue Reading →

No Repercussions!

Last night- no extra pain! Yay! It is all there- just dull. Totally looking forward to getting the physical therapist to assess it the end of this week. I managed to drop the excuses and get to the YMCA today for about 30 minutes of intervals on the elliptical. The rest of the day was... Continue Reading →

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