Wildflower Long-Course Triathlon- The Hardest Race You Will Love. Tips from our 2018 Experience

Would I do Wildflower Long-Course again? Yeah- but a little smarter...and if I get disc brakes... and granny gears. I did it in 2004, then not again until 2018. Literally, I have been wanting to go back since 2004. It is a wonderful and unique experience, with a few drawbacks and nuggets that you need... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Have to Get a Fancy Expensive Tri Bike To Do a Triathlon (But they do look awesome!)

Not gonna lie. That new Cervelo P5 Lamborghini looks like it could PR me to the finish line. For $20,000, I think it should actually do the race for me and meet me with a beer at the finish. (And give me a full refund if I don't get a slot to Ironman Kona...and podium... Continue Reading →

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