Putting Your Character in Peril: Writing Realistic Drug Scenes

My guest blogs at Writers In The Storm- an award winning blog for writers- are quick reads that can help you create more realistic page-turners: Fentanyl 101 For Writers: Because sometimes we need to know how to protect our own family. It isn't always about writing. Read more What Triathlons Taught Me About Writing (and... Continue Reading →

Your Top Picks for Plotting Resources

(2 min read) Are you on #TeamPlotter or #TeamPantser? Or somewhere in-between? Folks either love plotting or seem to find it constraining their creativity. There are a few authors that tread the middle ground, tapping into bits of both worlds. (#TeamPlantser) Plotting seems to be quite a personal thing for authors. Some love the make... Continue Reading →

What Will It Take?

Join us in this month's multi-author blogging share topic from Insecure Writer's Support Group: As a triathlete, I know that one day I’ll have to make the big decision to hang up my old, worn racing shoes. (After all, I think you'll agree they've seen better days!) What will be the tipping point? Will another... Continue Reading →

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