Oh, Shift! The Crash at the Intersection of Writing and Triathlon

A little over a week ago, I found myself smack in the middle of a long distance triathlon, winding my way up steep hills in California, begging my bike to find just one...more...lower gear that would make the hill climb so much easier on my tired legs. When cyclists passed by, I made a mental... Continue Reading →

Writers- Is Negative Social Media Impacting You and What To Do About It?

I noticed a trend in my recent adventures between blogging, the twitter-sphere, and Facebook. It seemed that a¬†high proportion of posts were either self-deprecating or down-right self-negating. Then I noticed another trend. My time if often split between my writing buddies and my Tri-geek friends. I would feel much more positive after immersing myself in... Continue Reading →

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